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Weclome Market Heist Members.

Market Heist

Hamzei Analytics, LLC has teamed up with Market Heist for this special offer. Our trading platform offers a Twitter Feed, a Chatroom and a Chart Streamer.

The HA Options Dream Team consisting of The Admiral, Fari Hamzei (aka The General), Peggy Rose, Pirouz Hendi, Pablo Navarro and Nancy Scott (aka AirBoss) will its Options Trading Instructions on a private Chatroom and a private Twitter Feed. Once you sign-up below, we will show you how to connect to that private feed.

    The Admiral's career encompassed trading as a sole proprietor and as a partner in the Designated Primary Market Maker (DPM) structure at the CBOE. Along the way he made millions and lost millions and taught many individuals to become successful options traders. Today, strategy and trading analysis are part of his many active roles. To get access to the complete 12 lessons of The Admiral's "How to Trade Options Like a DPM," use this link (20% off list)

    Fari Hamzei is founder of Hamzei Analytics, LLC.

    Peggy Rose, a native of Seattle, graduated from the University of Washington. After realizing her passion for the markets, she successfully completed the PhD program at Investools and has been trading full time since 2007. Peggy has taught individuals and conducted seminars on technical analysis and option strategies as well as co-hosting a live trading show on the West Coast. In addition, she has helped traders and investors with various trading time frames to learn about stocks and options for IRA investing, trend trading, swing trading as well as day trading. Peggy defines herself as a trend/momentum trader. She follows various market sectors to identify the strength/weakness of the market and get a feel for the pulse of the market. Her forte is combining technical analysis with tracking large option flow anomalies in order to identify the subtle footprints of smart money.

    Pirouz Hendi graduated from California State University Fullerton with a BA in Business Marketing. Pirouz started his career in the financial industry at Prudential Securities in 1999 as a licensed Stock broker after successfully completing series 7, 63 and 65 securities exam up until 2003. Pirouz has been an independent trader in the equities market since 2007 with primary focus on individual stocks and ETFs. Pirouz has successfully completed the beginner level of CBOE option courses and is planning on completing their intermediate and advanced level courses as well.

    Pablo Navarro is a determined trader. Majored in Economics and Communications with a minor in business from Texas Christian University. Pablo graduated from OptionsAnimal and completed all levels that the CBOE Options Institute offers. Pablo actively manages his own accounts trading options, futures, and stocks for over 3 years. He is always pushing beyond the limits to achieve his goals. He is convinced that its all about going that extra mile and always having a plan for each scenario.

    Nancy Scott has been HA AirBoss since late 2007. An avid options trader, she has heavy duty background in math and statistics. Nancy is also a SQL Admin.

Hamzei Analytics, LLC, offers a Twitter Feed and a Chatroom to trade:

  • Stock Index / ETF Options: $SPX, $NDX, $SPY & $QQQ
  • Equity, Credit & Commodity ETF Options: $SPY, $QQQ, $TLT, $TBT & $GLD
  • High-Beta Equity Options: $GOOG, $AMZN, $BIDU, $AAPL, $GS & $JPM

Our options trades will be swing-traded by our Options Dream Team:
  • Long Calls and Long Puts
  • Credit and Debit Spreads
  • Butterflies and Backspreads
  • Ahead of or following the Earnings Report
  • We will hold options trades overnight

Minimum account size: $25,000

Subscriber must have a Twitter account. Don't have a Twitter account? It is FREE.
Click here to sign up. Once you subscribe and login, you will see links to videos for how to complete your setup before your first day of trading.

Our custom-made HFT DeskTop v2.05 is your main chatroom offering many social networking and A/V features.

Technical specs for the HFT Desktop v2.09 include best to have Windows7 and IE9 and for its STREAMING AUDIO, must have Windows Media Player 12 PLUS Microsoft's cutting-edge Silverlight v5 AND open ports 4529-4534 (Silverlight-related) and port 943 (for Chat box communications) in your firewall. You also have access to a Java-based Chatroom as backup to the main chatroom.

Here is our record so far this year: Long & Short Stocks  High-Gamma Options

Excellent value at $142 per month after 7 days of free trial

When you sign-up thru PayPal, after 7 days of free trial, and then every month thereafter, your PayPal account will be charged $425 per quarter till you terminate your HFT_Options Subbscription via YOUR PayPal Account. Do not email us to cancel.   Any of our FAQs show you how to cancel.
By clicking below you agree that the cancellation of your subscription will take effect at the end of the current 30-day billing cycle in which you decide to cancel, with no pro-rata refund for any unused portion of your subscription.

VERY IMPORTANT: Your User ID for our website is your PRIMARY PayPal Email Account. Make sure you continuously monitor that email account. We will always communicate with you (starting with our Welcome Letter which bears your Password and other pertinent information) via that email account.

Chat with Fari on Fari Hamzei writes for CBOE Options Hub on event-deriven basis       Futures & Options for Stock Indices
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