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Master Traders Companion Webpages

  "Master Traders provides invaluable market education and wisdom from those who have distinguished themselves, not only by their track records in the market, but also for their discipline, their risk and money management expertise. Strikingly, readers will find that these Masters use the basic understanding of human nature to achieve trading success and know how to achieve simplicity by focusing on the essence of opportunity."

--Mario Alberico
Partner, Financial Services Industry, Accenture, LLP, and
former Senior Vice President for Electronic Trading and Market Data, Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Master Traders: Strategies for Superior Returns from Today's Top Traders
  Hardcover: 320 pages
  Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  Publish Date: September 26, 2006
  In Store Date: October 6, 2006
  ISBN: 13 978-0-471-79062-4
  ISBN: 10 0-471-79062-1
  Price: $75.00   (view the final Jacket Cover design)

  Editor: Fari Hamzei

  Foreword: Steve Shobin

  Greg Collins
  The Characteristics of Successful Traders

  Part I) Technical Analysis

      Jeff deGraaf, CFA, CMT
      Playing with Fear and Arrogance

      Frank Barbera, CMT
      Sector Analysis: Tools of the Trade

      Kevin Tuttle
      Evaluating Probabilities to Improve Profitability

      Tim Ord
      The Secret Science of Price and Volume

  Part II) Fundamental Analysis

      David Miller
      The Keys to Biotech Investing

      Kai-Teh Tao
      Investigative Investing: Themes and Methods for Uncovering Value

  Part III) Sentiment Analysis

      Fari Hamzei
      The Secret Messages of Equity & Options Markets

      Phil Erlanger, CMT
      Trading Seasonality

  Part IV) Derivatives

      Alex Jacobson
      Volatility and its importance to Options Investors

      Jon Najarian
      A New Options Game: The Market "Taker"

  Part V) Trading Size

      Jeff Spotts, CMT
       Making Sense of Market Moves: Using Technical and Fundamental Analysis Together

      Tim Corliss
      New World Trading of Old World Markets: European Derivatives

      Dennis Leontyev
      Options Applications to Pairs Trading

  Fari Hamzei
  Epilogue: Beyond the Horizon

Jacket Cover Reviews by Wall Street Luminaries:

"A straight forward, down to earth guide to using technical analysis, tips from the master traders, and excellent options information for successful trading. In my opinion, a manual every investor can profit from."
--Ned Bennett
   CEO & Co-Founder,

"Fari Hamzei knows a lot about the markets and so do the traders/analysts he has assembled here. From sector analysis to option strategies, from price and volume to volatility, there is sure to be something of interest in this compilation for every trader."
--John Bollinger, CFA, CMT
   CNBC Technical Analyst & creator of Bollinger Bands

"Fari has assembled a unique series of insights from expert market practitioners. Trading is a skills-based strategy; the robust diagnostics examined in the book thoughtfully clarifies these required disciplines."
--Gil Caffray
   Chief Investment Officer, Tiger Management,
   former Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, and Co-Founder & Managing Partner, FrontPoint Partners, LLC,
   former Head of Glboal Trading and Senior Managing Director, Tiger Management Corp. (2nd largest hedge fund in 2000)

"Fari Hamzei has assembled an impressive array of trading authors. Fari's own work on Sentiment Indicators is definitely worth reading, as usual, as is technical ‘master’ Phil Erlanger's. Furthermore, there is plenty of useful information on derivatives in the chapters by Alex Jacobson and Jon Najarian."
--Lawrence G. McMillan
   Best selling author/educator on Options Strategies

Financial Media Coverage:

August 10             Master Traders was featured by RealMoney.

September 29      The conclusions of Frank Barbera's chapter was featured by RealMoney.

December 11        Active Trader Magazine reviewed the book.

December 15        Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine reviewed the book.

January 3              SFO Magazine reviewed the book on page 94 of its January 2007 Issue.

February 14           Princeton Alumni Weekly cites the book on page 29 of its February 14, 2007 Issue.

Traders' Book Reviews:

October 10            Daniel Blystone of Traders Log posted his review on Amazon.

October 26            Todd Langton of TradeLikeGurus posted his review on Amazon.

November 16        Justin Hibbard (formerly a correspondent with BusinessWeek) posted his review on Amazon.

January 4              Kristin Hetzer, CMT, CIMA, CFP of Royal Palms Capital posted her review on Amazon.

March 25              Thomas Bohn posted his review on Amazon.

June 11                G. Hooper posted his review on Amazon.

June 28                 Mike Shedlock posted his review on his blog.

January 18             Ulric Taylor posted his review on Amazon.

June 24                 Damien Hoffman posted his a GREAT review on Amazon.

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