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Phoenix (Options Trading Service) 
Phoenix Alert Update

May 12, 2008

Options Strategist and Editor: Fari Hamzei

Associate Editor: Nancy Scott

Phoenix Alerts/Trades May 12, 2008

May 12 No Entry 22 No Entry: SLB: If you are NOT in, try to get in at 2.10 or better now
May 12 May 12 22 Fill: Buy To Open SLBJune110Calls SDBFB at $2.4375 (10 contracts per unit)
May 12 May 12 19 Fill: Sell To Close SPX 1410 May Calls SXZEB at 5.50 (5 contracts per unit) to close position
Buy To Open SPX 1415 June Calls SXZFC at $25.30 (3 contracts per unit)

Please note the following:

  1. Past performance is not indicative of future results
  2. Minimum recommended account size is $25K
  3. Trade instructions are recommendations for a $25K account; Trade size can be adjusted based on account size(multiple of 25K)
  4. Due to popular demand the mimimum account size was reduced to 25K on April 28, 2008. Our Portfolio posted reflects starting risk capital of $50K; the results are tracked as though the account size is $50K so that performance statistics remains consistent with trades prior to April 28, 2008.
    The number of contracts is twice the number sent in the alert

FAQs (updated 05/25/05) -- Have other questions? E-Mail us at:

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