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Proactive Market Timing
Proactive Market Timing Service

Market Timer: Fari Hamzei

Executive Officer: @Fleet_Adm_Tiko

Editors: Nancy Scott

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 2025ET
Notice of Change of Bias with Timer Digest

Dear Jim,

Last week, our equity markets finally receded, but the drop was just a tad over 1%.

Historically, Thanksgiving Week has an up-bias seasonality on a thin volume.

We are getting LONG SPX here but will NOT put on an options trade till next Monday, Dec 2nd as we should observe very thin volume this week.

Fari Hamzei

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Chat with Fari on Fari Hamzei writes for CBOE Options Hub on event-deriven basis       Futures & Options for Stock Indices
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