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Proactive Market Timing
Proactive Market Timing Service

Market Timer: Fari Hamzei

Executive Officer: @Fleet_Adm_Tiko

Editors: Nancy Scott

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Most Recent PMT vs SPX Performance Chart

Monday, October 3, 2022, 1145ET
WEEKLY Support, Pivot & Resistance Levels Chart for Issue #366

Monday, October 3, 2022, 1145ET
Market Bias for Issue #366

Our current Market Bias with Timer Digest is LONG SPX since SEPT 23rd at 3,693
Our previous Market Bias was FLAT SPX since SEPT 12 at 4,110

            Here are the trade parameters for this week:

SPX Profit Target = 3830
SPX Current Price is = 3652
SPX Money Management STOP = 3525

Action Asset Expiration Strike Option Last Mid-Point
BUY SPY Friday OCT 21 365 Calls 9.08 9.07
SELL SHORT SPY Friday OCT 21 375 Calls 4.40 4.41
You need to execute both legs and hold it as a Call-Spread.

Note: When we change our Market Bias with Timer Digest, You need to go FLAT asap. With PMT Pro, that is before the Close that day and with the basic PMT, at the open of the next day. The following trading day, we will issue new SPX targets and a new SPY options trade, as long as our new market bias with Timer Digest is NOT flat.

Fari Hamzei

Monday, September 26, 2022, 0231ET
Notice of Change of Market Bias

Dear Jim,

This is shaping to be one of my toughest signals, in the last 19 yrs, that you have monitored/ranked me.

But my charts predominately paint a picture, conveying that we are near another dead cat bounce.

SO, we are going cautiously LONG SPX, for very few days, with SELL STOP set to SPX price of 3,636.

Fari Hamzei

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