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Frequently Asked Questions by SuperHornets v2.1 Subscribers

This page, by its nature, is continuously updated !!

Differences between SuperHornets v2.0, SuperHornets (v1.0) and Hornets

SuperHornets v2.0 Active Orders


Differences between SuperHornets v2.0, SuperHornets (v1.0) and Hornets

Q: Will SuperHornets v2.0 offer more trade selections, including individual stock trades?

A: Yes.   SuperHornets v2.0 has doubled the number of trade selections from 9 to 18 Select Swing Trades. Its repertoire has been expanded to include Big Cap Stocks and High Beta stocks in addition to Liquid ETF's

Q: What criteria is used to select the individual stocks that SuperHornets v2.0 trades?

A: Our proprietary sentiment tools, such as Active Beta Matrix, Put/Call Ratios and our Volatility Historical Database guide us in selecting issues most poised for immediate price action.

Q: What are the other main differences between SuperHornets v2.0, SuperHornets (v1.0) and Hornets?

A: As a stand-alone product, SuperHornets v2.0 does not require the subscriber to operate the TradeStation platform. ALL YOU NEED is access to the Internet to monitor the system's updated positions each trading day, shortly after the close. SuperHornets v2.0 uses the same entry parameters as SuperHornets v1.0 however, the distinguishing feature of SuperHornets v2.0 is a more sophisticated money-management logic.

Q: How is the money-management logic of SuperHornet v2.0 more sophisticated?

A: SuperHornets v2.0 has been designed to prevent traders from giving back too much of their profits due to market reversals, particularly when a trend appears to be stalled or a top / bottom has been put in place. Combined, these features translate into the potential for better trades and more profit retention for traders.

Q: Hornets only go Short or Long.   Does SuperHornet v2.0 ever go FLAT?

A: Yes.   SuperHornet v2.0 can go FLAT on an ETF or stock.   The NEXT POSITION ENTRY ORDER is a STOP ORDER, which will enable you to get STOPPED INTO a position ONLY when the stop price is TRIGGERED.

SuperHornets v2.0 Orders

Q: When should orders to initiate new positions be entered?

A: Next position entry orders are also stop orders to INITIATE NEW positions.   These BUY STOP or SELL SHORT STOP orders to initiate new positions are to be entered prior to the market open of the next trading day.
Q: Should new members initiate a trade in an EXISTING position?

A: From a risk management standpoint, you should not take a position in an existing trade, since conditions may have changed since the trade was first initiated.   You must use the NEXT POSITION ENTRY ORDER to initiate new positions.
Q: How often are the open position trailing exit orders and next position entry orders adjusted?

A: Trailing stop loss orders and next position entry orders are normally adjusted after the close of each trading day.   However, they may remain unchanged, depending on the daily price action (SuperHornets v2.0 uses daily bars).
Q: When the open position trailing exit order and the next position entry order are at the same price, what does it mean?

A: It means when that price is hit, the system would be closing the existing position and initiating a new position in the OPPOSITE direction.


Q: How do i view a chart for the ETF's and individual stocks?

A: Click on the ETF or stock's symbol in the left column of the table.
Q: Is SuperHornets v2.0 included in the Diamonds package?

A: SuperHornet v2.0 is not part of the Diamonds package.   It is a stand alone product that does not require the subscriber to operate the TradeStation platform.
Q: Can SuperHornets v2.0 be used to trade open ended mutual funds?

A: No.   SuperHornets v2.0 is an End-of-Day swing trading system.   The system utilizes trailing stop loss orders as part of its risk management mechanism; therefore it is not appropriate for trading open-ended mutual funds.  
Q: What is the procedure to cancel the SuperHornets v2.0 subscription?

A: After you have signed into SuperHornets v2.0, there is a link on the Members page titled "Review my Account".   When you click on this link, you will be directed to your Member Profile page. On this page you will see the link 'Cancel a Subscription'.   Clicking on the 'Cancel a Subscription' link will direct you to PayPal, where you can login to your PayPal account and cancel your subscription.   When PayPal notifies us that you have cancelled a subscription, we will assign an expiration date based on the terms of your subscription.
Q: Does the system consider Pre-Market or After Hours trading?

A: The price action in the Pre-Market or After Hours trading have no bearing on SuperHornets v2.0 signals.   It only considers the price action during regular trading (9:30 am to 4:15 pm EST for ETF's and 9:30 am to 4:00 pm for individual stocks).

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