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Your Computer may need a Tune-up

We strongly recommend that you use Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition with Service Pack 3 or Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 as your operating system.

The Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition with Service Pack 4 will also work well with our website.

Make sure your are FULLY updated with the latest online version.   Use Microsoft Windows Update link to synchronize your operating system with ours.

Microsoft Windows ME (Millennium Edition) has a water-down communication module and thus rendered useless for satisfactory operations on our site.   A number of OEMs stopped shipping it before Windows XP was released !!   We will not support users with Windows ME.   You MUST upgrade !

Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows 95 have major "memory leak" issues.   You need to reboot at least once a day for optimal operations.   You MUST upgrade !

We do NOT recommend using Microsoft XP Home Edition or Microsoft 2000 Home Edition with our website and integrated virtual trading rooms.   This is due to their inferior communications modules.

Make sure you CLEAN UP up your Windows TEMP directory often.   This will dramatically speed up your PC.   Before hand, make sure all your tasks are closed.   In Windows 2000 Professional, your TEMP directory is located under My Computer > Control Panel > System > Advanced >Environment Variables.

To cleanup, click on Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.   Click OK.

Make sure your PC or MAC has the latest Java by verifying it here:
This verifying / updating process will also resolve the "Your Browser is not Java-enabled" Error Message.

We do not use MAC and we just don't know enough to support MAC users.

In order to browse our site properly, you need Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 (running in Compatibility Mode if you are a HFT Member) AND Microsoft Windows Media Player version 12.   Netscape browsers won't work properly with our site.

AOL USERS: Please minimize your AOL window, open you Microsoft Internet Explorer, update it to version 9, correct its settings and then run it concurrently with AOL still minimized.

If you do not have Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9, you can get it now by clicking here.

If you do not have Microsoft Windows Media Player version 12, you can get it now by clicking here.

Once you have successfully completed the installation, first reboot your PC and then you must have correct Browser Settings:

Go to TOOLS > Internet Options > Settings (under Temporary Internet Files box).   Check the first choice "Every Visit to the Page".   Remember Hamzei Analytics is a REAL-TIME financial site.   You need this setting.   Click OK.

If you have had any previous version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, you need to DELETE existing Internet temporary files by clicking "Delete Files" button (again in Temporary Internet Files box).   Click OK.

COOKIES: You MUST have your cookies enabled (you probably are, but we need to check)... Instructions: Go to Security > Click on Custom Level button > Scroll down to Cookies, make sure they are ENABLED.  Click Apply.   Click OK.

Then, go to the Advanced Tab.   Scroll down to the last section named "Security". Check the 5th box next to "Empty Temporary Internet Files when browser is closed".   Click Apply.   Click OK.   Since our Chat Rooms will not function properly if you have a build-up of old temporary Internet files, this is a MUST.

Close your browser, restart it & go back to our homepage.

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