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Proactive Market Timing
Proactive Market Timing Service

Market Timer: Fari Hamzei

Executive Officer: @Admiral_Tiko

Editors: Capt. Stephanie Alexander & Nancy Scott

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Friday, February 21, 2020, 1557ET
Notice of Change of Bias with Timer Digest

Dear Jim,

Intraday, SPX almost hit its zero sigma (20 day MA) at 3323.

Most big-cap tech names are washed out and expecting a dead-cat bounce first, if we are going to resume a further move down.

Therefore, we are going FLAT SPX as of Close of trading today….


Fari Hamzei

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Chat with Fari on Fari Hamzei writes for CBOE Options Hub on event-deriven basis       Futures & Options for Stock Indices
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