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Frequently Asked Questions by
Options Trading Service Subscribers

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PHOENIX Options Trading Service

Why do I need $50K?
Because our research -backed by our trading experience- has shown that this is the amount needed in order to carry out the suggested strategies.

Which trades tend to be the most/least risky?
Trades that are a combination of long stock/long puts, or short stock/long calls are the least risky. Trades that involve either the purchase of calls only, or, the purchase of puts only, are the most risky.

Sometimes you close a position although it appears there may be additional profits, why?
Because I do not care about any individual position, I care about its impact on the portfolio. Once a trade has fulfilled its contribution to the portfolio -as intended- there is no need to keep it.

Is your option trading service directed towards experienced or inexperienced option traders?
The service can be both a trading vehicle, and a training vehicle. As a trading vehicle, it is meant  for traders of intermediate to advanced knowledge and experience. Novice traders can use the service as  a training/educational tool by simply studying the trade suggestions and accompanied commentary -- without trading -- in order to improve their understanding and knowledge of options, and options trading.

When is the Options Trading Service published?
Phoenix is published in real-time via email. You can read all but the most recent issues by clicking here: PHOENIX Visitors' Calendar.   It is available on the website about 4:00pm PST.

What are the various methods of delivery for the Options Newsletter?
This is an online newsletter accessible via our website.   We do not mail or fax a physical booklet to subscribers.

When are updates to the Newsletter provided?
We will post updates to positions as warranted.   An example is when we determine that a position should be closed early.   Subscribers will be notified via e-mail each time the next issue and / or special updates are posted to the website.

How many options selections are provided in your option trading service?
Hamzei Analytics will be featuring a total of 8-10 options monthly.

What are the various types of options trades that will be featured?
We will be providing Long Puts and / or Calls and Credit and / or Debit spreads.

How much capital should someone allocate to each featured options trade?
Each trade suggestion specifies the capital allocation for that trade per $50k of starting capital.

What are your stop loss parameters on the featured options?
Each trade suggestion comes with specific stop/loss parameters applicable to that trade.

How will I know whether the featured option is a Put or Call and where will I find the option symbol for the stock?
We provide a detailed table that includes the stock symbol, option symbol, expiration month and whether it is a put or call.

Trading Resources

What type of tools or resources do you use to make your option selections?
Some of the tools and resources are our Proprietary Dollar Weighted Put Call Ratios, Active Beta Matrix, Market Implied Volatilities, our Proprietary SuperHornets Trading System and Price Intensity charts.

What is a Simple Put Call Ratio?
A simple put call ratio (PCR) measures only the ratio of contracts between puts and calls.   It values every contract the same.   This is a big problem since it ignores the actual dollar value of the calls and puts traded.

What is a Dollar Weighted Put Call Ratio?
Dollar weighted put call ratios ($wPCR) are much more specific and calculates the total dollar amount of the puts and calls.   This is a vast improvement since you can now know where the smart money is placing their bets!   It also reflects both changes in volume and options premium.

What kind of indicator is the Dollar Weighted Put Call Ratio?
The $wPCR is a sentiment indicator, albeit, a very sophisticated forward looking indicator.   It is not a Buy or Sell signal in itself. It is either indicating a Bearish sentiment, a Neutral sentiment or Bullish sentiment.


Can you provide opinions on my personal investments?
No. Only your R.I.A., or your broker can do so. No such relationship exists between Hamzei Analytics and subscribers to PHOENIX.

Do I need to have a margin account with my brokerage firm in order to trade your featured options ?
You must have a margin account approved at least for level II options trading, preferably level III.

How can someone change/replace their old email address with a new one for receiving Option Trading Service notices?
We can not change/replace your email address until you confirm with us that you have updated your PRIMARY PayPal email address on file with PayPal. We are only responsible to send our notices to the email address that pays us the Phoenix Subscription Fees, which by PayPal rules, is your PRIMARY email address on file with PayPal.

How can I cancel my Option Trading Service subscription?
For security reasons, do not email us for cancellation of your package.  Simply login to your PayPal account.  Click on History button. Then using the "Show" Drop Down Menu, go to "Subscriptions".  You will see Hamzei Analytics as one of your active subscriptions. Hit the Cancel Button. It is that simple.  You will get two emails to confirm your action, one by PayPal and one by us. If this is NOT what you intended, contact us immediately at  Our server will automatically compute, and post in your profile, the final data for your access based on the terms of your subscription.

Where can someone find more information about the various options margin maintenance requirement formulas?
At the Options Industry Council's website (   Your brokerage firm should also be able to provide with their margin requirement formulas.

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