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Frequently Asked Questions by Diamonds Subscribers

This page, by its nature, is continuously updated !!

Trading Systems     End of the Month Roll-Over of Trading Systems, Indicators & PaintBars     Minimum Hardware Configuration

Trading Systems

Q: What is a Trading system?

A: There are three trading systems that we use in the Diamonds package.   Please find more information about these systems listed directly under the Diamonds Menu on the Products page.

Q: If I ever have an unresolved issue using Diamond indicators for systems, how can you help me solve the problem?

A: All Diamond members are required to download special camera software, and it's free of charge.   Go to:   You will need to email picture of your initial TradeStation chart to:   Your initial chart set up will be checked.
Q: What system to use to trade the futures and what futures contract do you trade intraday?

A: We trade the E-mini S&P 500 and the E-mini NASDAQ-100 using the Tomcat System and indicators.   The system runs on your PC and issues buy and sell orders and trailing stops.  
Q: This is all included in the Diamonds package?

A: At the present time we do not use or recommend using any of the Diamond systems to trade stocks.   There are plans to roll out a system to trade stocks, and will be announced that a future date.
Q: What are the minimum margin requirements to trade the futures?

A: The minimum margin, also known as performance bond, for trading S&P-500 & NASDAQ-100 stock index futures is determined by Chicago Mercantile Exchange and it is subject to change without notice.   Please click here for more details.   Currently it stands approximately at $2,250 for each contract of the NASDAQ-100 and $3,563 for each contract of the S&P 500 E-mini.   We suggested to start with one contract only and make sure you're making money before you increase contract size.   Please call TradeStation to find out what the minimum requirement is to open a futures account.  Call TradeStation at 1-888-223-9671.  TradeStation uses Refco/Lind Waldock as futures broker.  Futures account trading is also built-in to your TradeStation platform.

Q: What is the meaning of the word "handle" mean when you're trading futures?

A: A handle is equal to 1 point on the index futures. One point on the emini NASDAQ for one contract is equal to $20.   One point on the emini S&P 500 for one contract is equal to $50.
Q: Do you always take the signals issued by Tomcats?

A: Sometimes, I wait and see especially when we are way over extended in one direction or the other. Use your common sense when trading. Sometimes the risk/reward factor is just not good enough. I like to wait for it to reverse and pop back for better percentage trade.
Q: What does it mean when Fari says "Tomcats are fueling up"?

A: Tomcats trading system was named after fighter airplane named "Tomcat".   This is simply Fari's colorful way of telling us we are getting ready to go into combat.   We sense a trade is coming!   Trading is conducted in a war zone, so naming the systems after fighter aircraft fits.
Q: What is the best way for me to familiarize myself with "TradeStation" (TS) platform and software? Does Hamzei Analytics (HA) conduct training sessions on how to use TradeStation?

A: The best way to get up to speed with TS is to get the CD called "Getting Started with TradeStation 6."   This CD should be watched and studied over and over again until you can operate TS effectively yourself.   If you have questions, please call TS tech support.   HA does NOT conduct training sessions on how to use TS.   We simply use it as our trading software and platform.   YOU are responsible for spending the time and effort to operate TS on your own.   Again, please contact TS for all questions regarding their software!
Q: What does ASX and ALX mean?

A: It simply means short exit or long exit issued by one of the trading systems.
Q: Could you talk to us about to Buy and Sell Stops and how use them?

A: Buy and the Sell Stops are used in case of a reversal of the prevailing trend.   We are ratcheting down or up as the case may be.   These are Money Management (Stop Losses) and must be used to protect yourself from catastrophic losses. For instance, if we were short the S&P 500 and then it suddenly reverses to the upside, you would be stopped out of the trade if you had a proper Stop order entered and processed.   It is very important to move your STOP loss above the market price so you can be stopped out.   If you punch in a STOP order but fail to process it and the market moves against you above where your STOP order is punched in, you must move it to above the market price.   Otherwise, your order will be rejected as an invalid order because the market had moved several points away from your initial un-entered Stop order.   Take the time to re-enter a new Stop, otherwise you will be subject to more losses until you enter a proper order.

End of the Month Roll-Over of Trading Systems, Indicators & PaintBars

Q: What is the procedure for removing old Diamonds indicators and strategies(downloaded prior to Sept 9)?   Then what is the procedure to install new month "KEY" for indicators, paintbars and strategies?

A: To remove old indicators open your TradeStation, and go to File (top left), then drop down to Open EasyLanguage Document.   Then select Indicators on the center drop-down menu.   Remove all indicators with 'space D' after them, like 'CI D', by selecting one and hitting the delete button on your keyboard.   Do not delete MACD!   Do the same for PaintBars & Strategies.

Then on each workspace go to Format, drop down to Analysis Techniques, select Indicators first and then delete all those analysis techniques with space D after them.   Do the same with PaintBars and Strategies.

Then go to your Desktop or wherever you downloaded prior ELS downloaded files from HA website.   Throw away ALL old ELS downloads.   After completing this task, go to HA website to "Trading Systems" under Diamond Menu.   Download the generic Diamonds indicators and strategies where it says "from this link".   Download and save to your desktop.   Do the same with Indicators.ELS from the next link on the Diamonds Menu.   Also save OCT.ELS to your Desktop that you should have received via email.   If you did not, send an email to and request another one.

Then open TradeStation, go to File, drop down to "Import/Export EasyLanguage".   Select top choice, press next, then point to your Desktop using the "Browse" button.   Highlight Diamonds.ELS, import and use defaults until installation is complete.   Repeat this process with first Indicators.ELS, and then with Oct.ELS.

Then set-up your charts with the indicators and strategies, using the Strategy Setup webpages on the Diamonds Menu as a guide.
How can someone change/replace their old email address with a new one for receiving Diamonds Package notices?
We can not change/replace your email address until you confirm with us that you have updated your PRIMARY PayPal email address on file with PayPal. We are only responsible to send our notices to the email address that pays us the Diamonds Subscription Fees, which by PayPal rules, is your PRIMARY email address on file with PayPal.

Q: How can I cancel my Diamonds subscription?

A: For security reasons, do not email us for cancellation of your package.  Simply login to your PayPal account.  Click on History button.  Then using the "Show" Drop Down Menu, go to "Subscriptions".  You will see Hamzei Analytics as one of your active subscriptions.  Hit the Cancel Button. It is that simple.  You will get two emails to confirm your action, one by PayPal and one by us. If this is NOT what you intended, contact us immediately at  Our server will automatically compute, and post in your profile, the final data for your access based on the terms of your subscription.

Minimum Hardware Configuration

Q: What is a minimum hardware configuration for the Diamonds Package?

A: Pentium III, running at 2GHz, 512 MB memory, dedicated dual monitors & DSL/CableModem connection to the Internet.

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