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Frequently Asked Questions by Gold Subscribers

This page, by its nature, is continuously updated !!

Dollar Weighted Put/Call Ratio    Morning Head Fake     Ideal Hardware Configuration

Dollar Weighted Put/Call Ratio

Q: Do I set up E-Mail update and pager notification?

A: Hamzei Analytics does not send out e-mail or pager notifications.   Our focus is on providing information real time and there can be significant delays with e-mails and pager alerts.

Q: What is the advantage of the Dollar Weighted Put/Call Ratio versus the Simple Put/Call Ratio?

A: The advantage of Hamzei Analytics' Real Time Put Call Ratio is that it enables you to view changes in investor sentiment as they occur.   Unlike other put call ratios that are based on settlement prices or delayed data, Hamzei Analytics' Real Time Put Call Ratio is the only online tool that offers broad-based, dynamically updated put call ratios that reflect both changes in volume and options premium.

Q: What is the difference between a Put/Call Ratio and a Dollar Weighted Put/Call Ratio ($wPCR)?

A: A regular put call ratio(PCR) measures only the ratio of contracts between puts and calls.   It values every contract the same.   This is a big problem!   Hamzei Analytics solved it by reasoning that put and calls have specific values, concluding that they should be weighted differently according to there real dollar value.   $wPCR was born!   $wPCR is much more specific and calculates the total dollar amount on each side of the equation.   The $wPCR is a vast improvement over a regular PCR.   Hamzei Analytics developed the $wPCR to solve the accuracy problem.   You can now know where the smart money is placing there bets!   This is a huge advantage to you.   Nobody else has this real-time tool to help you except Hamzei Analytics.   $wPCR is a powerful tool you should use.   Use it at the extreme levels like .1 - .3 on bullish side and over 5 & up on bearish side.   No guarantees are implied but you will have tilted the odds heavily in your favor.

Q: How do I know what is bullish or bearish when I look at your $wPCR?

A: For Stocks and Sector HOLDRS, 0.01 to 0.30 is Bullish, 0.50 to 2.0 is neutral, 3.0 and up is Bearish.   The closer to ZERO the more Bullish....the further away from 2 the more Bearish.   0.1 - 0.3 is Very Bullish.   Over 10 is Very Bearish.   Large Indices (SPX & NDX) behave in Contrarian mode (opposite from stocks).   For instance, for NASDAQ-100 general guidelines are as follows: 0-10 Bearish...10 - 20 Neutral & above 20 Bullish.   For S&P 500 general guidelines are 0-5 Bearish 6-10 Neutral & above 10 Bullish.   The most success will come by using extreme levels.   Use the ones that are traveling in the same direction of market for best probability of making money.   You are tilting the scale heavily into your favor.   Market sentiment can change rapidly.   Be nimble in this market.   Signals are good for a few hours to 1-3 days.

Q: Can I plug in my own stock and get a $wPCR on it?

A: No, not at this time. Please see “Our Universe” under gold menu.   Currently, Our Universe covers 20 Stocks tracked in real-time.

Q: How long do the $wPCR signals last?

A: The $wPCR signals are usually good for a few hours up to 3 days.

How can someone change/replace their old email address with a new one for receiving Gold Package notices?
We can not change/replace your email address until you confirm with us that you have updated your PRIMARY PayPal email address on file with PayPal. We are only responsible to send our notices to the email address that pays us the Gold Subscription Fees, which by PayPal rules, is your PRIMARY email address on file with PayPal.

Q: How can I cancel my Gold subscription?

A: For security reasons, do not email us for cancellation of your package.  Simply login to your PayPal account.  Click on History button.  Then using the "Show" Drop Down Menu, go to "Subscriptions".  You will see Hamzei Analytics as one of your active subscriptions.  Hit the Cancel Button. It is that simple.  You will get two emails to confirm your action, one by PayPal and one by us. If this is NOT what you intended, contact us immediately at  Our server will automatically compute, and post in your profile, the final data for your access based on the terms of your subscription.

Morning Head Fake

Q: What is the Morning Head Fake strategy?

A: This is a daytrading strategy that enables disciplined traders to capitalize on emotional overreactions on the opening due to S&P and NASDAQ futures having a gap opening. It is a very high probability that, in a Gap Up, prices will trade below (above, in the case of Gap Down) the exaggerated price as the professionals liquidate their early morning positions.

Ideal Hardware Configuration

Q: What is a Ideal Hardware Configuration for the Gold Package?

A: Penitum III, running at 500 MHz, 256MB memory & DSL/CableModem connection to the Internet.

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