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Frequently Asked Questions by SuperPlatinum Subscribers

This page, by its nature, is continuously updated !!

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Q: I just upgraded to SuperPlatinum and want to know how I can maximize the benefits of my membership?

A: First, you should plan on visiting the chat rooms daily.   Pay special attention to the questions being asked and you will have access to some great trades that are in progress.   You should grow rapidly if you make the effort. Listen to Fari, Brad Sullivan and other professional traders that can help you with trading questions.   Being a good trader requires lots of time, attention and education.

Chat Room Conduct

Q: Do you have a code of conduct or etiquette for your Chat rooms??

A: Yes we do, we expect everyone to be on their best behavior.   This is a business for many of our members.   We will not tolerate any type of rude or crude behavior that disrupts our Chatroom.   Please be respectful of others and I am sure you will be provided the same courtesy in return.   Please be respectful of other peoplesí time and avoid questions in first and last hour.   If you encounter a problem, please report it to the room moderator ASAP.

Q: Am I allowed to talk privately with others?

A: Yes, but please be respectful of their time and limit your questions to what is necessary.

Q: When I have a general questions, where is the best place to get them answered?

A: If it is not answered here, please go to FAQ room and post your question. This allows everyone to benefit from your question and the answer to your question.

Chat Room Terminology

Q: What does it mean when I hear in the chat room the term Tick and what numbers should I pay attention to?

A: When you see the Tick at over -800 or over +800, you should start paying attention.   Depending on the market conditions, 1000 to 1300 either positive or negative would indicate a big move is ahead in the opposite direction.   This is what is sometimes referred to as a Snap-Back.   Pay special attention to this information.   It could make you a lot of money or take away a lot of you profit .   $TICK is the symbol you can enter in your TradeStation, while other quote services use similar symbols.
Q: What I hear someone say I'm going long or short a stock or index what does that mean?

A: The word Long simply means buy. The word short means sell.
Q: What does it mean when someone says they are flat?

A: This simply means they have no active position in the market.
Q: Why the use so many two and three letter abbreviations that have no meaning to me.

A: These are used as a short cut to reduce the amount of typing.   Please refer to the Hamzei Analytics homepage and select About, third button to the right.   Then go to Tutorial's, please study and print out the following Trading Terminology and Glossary. Please refer to these commonly used terms while in the chat room. It is your responsibility to print these out and learn them. Some of us, have to respond via typing so much that we risk hand and arm injury. Please understand abbreviations allow us to be brief and to the point in this busy trading environment. We do not do it to be rude or insensitive to anyone. It is simply a necessity for the chat room.
Q: When I hear the train whistle what does that mean?

A: This means there is a buy or sell program on the NYSE.   We do not indicate what is being bought or sold.   However this gives us some idea of the possible direction of the market, especially when they happen one right after another and are substantial.
Q: I hear the term snap back, what does this mean?

A: This simply means a stock or index has become way over extended in one direction.   When a stock or index is at this extreme level, it usually snaps back to its equilibrium.
Q: When you say spreads are positive or negative what are you referring to?

A: Spreads of the difference between the theoretical value for futures vs. actual value both for NASDAQ and S&P 500.   We commonly refer to these as NQ and ES.   This value is computed in real-time.
Q: What is the purpose of the timer chart and where do I find it?

A: Timer chart is the first link under the SuperPlatinum menu.   It is affectionately called Timer Rules as in King or Ruler.  It provides a macro picture of the market using non-price based indicators like McClellan Oscillator.   This chart has been talked about in many forums in message boards since we put it up.   The blue horizontal lines were suggested by Sherman McClellan, those levels have worked for him since he invented the oscillator.   They are 150, 100, -100 and -150.   Under -150 and over + 150 is what Sherman looks for.   The inputs are advancers minus declining issues for the first McClellan Oscillator and up and down volume for the second McClellan Oscillator.   We purposely use cap-weighted indices on top.   Our bias is a NDX and SPX.   By using cap-weighted vs. whole market you discern institutional vs. retail all in one chart.   See Trendlines that were drawn 6-8 weeks ago during June of 2002. TradeStation has the ability to automatically extend those lines and we see the value on Tuesday when the NDX went up and stopped at the descending trendline and reversed.  See timer chart for July- August 2002 timeframe.

How can someone change/replace their old email address with a new one for receiving SuperPlatinum Package notices?
We can not change/replace your email address until you confirm with us that you have updated your PRIMARY PayPal email address on file with PayPal. We are only responsible to send our notices to the email address that pays us the SuperPlatinum Subscription Fees, which by PayPal rules, is your PRIMARY email address on file with PayPal.

Q: How can I cancel my SuperPlatinum subscription?

A: For security reasons, do not email us for cancellation of your package.  Simply login to your PayPal account.  Click on History button.  Then using the "Show" Drop Down Menu, go to "Subscriptions".  You will see Hamzei Analytics as one of your active subscriptions.  Hit the Cancel Button. It is that simple.  You will get two emails to confirm your action, one by PayPal and one by us. If this is NOT what you intended, contact us immediately at  Our server will automatically compute, and post in your profile, the final data for your access based on the terms of your subscription.

Minimum Hardware Configuration

Q: What is the minimum hardware configuration for the SuperPlatinum Package?

A: Pentium III, running at 1GHz, 256MB memory, shared dual monitors & DSL/CableModem connection to the Internet.

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