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How to Follow us on Twitter

Twitter is a public company now and has grown quite a bit since we joined it on April 13, 2009, and, of course, we have grown with it too.

If you already have a Twitter account, here is shortcut to begin following us.

Otherwise, simply visit and first establish an account by clicking on "Get Started - Join!" button.

Then find and follow us using "Find People" button. Our handle is HamzeiAnalytics. You can also click on the little birdie on this page or search for Fari Hamzei.

If you like to follow us while you are out and about (air mobile in Fari's lingo), then you should enter your cell phone number into Twitter by clicking on Settings and then Mobile and follow the instructions for its confirmation test.   Twitter Mobile Apps are great for both iPhones and Androids.

Here is quick (5-min) how-to get started on Twitter video on YouTube that you should watch.

If you use the FireFox browser, Power Twitter is the way to go.

A great platform to manage your Twitter messages is TweetDeck. Download it and experience the new world of boundless, real-time information collaboration. Best part is that every minute it refreshes to update all three types of Twitter Messages (Friends, Replies & Direct Messages). Needs a valid Twitter account to operate.

To better understand Fari's Trading jargon, whether on our Twitter Accounts or in our HFT Index Futures or HFT Stocks & Options Chatrooms, you need to revisit our Trading Room Lingo FAQ page.

Also read the recent Barron's article on Trading Twitters by Thresa Carey (Sat, Apr 18).

Also read the recent Time article on How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live.

Also read another Barron's article on how Twitter, changing the way Wall Street communicates, is affecting markets.

If you like what see, please feel free to tell your trading buddies and invite them to join us !!!

If you prefer to get notices for our educational webinars, Proprietary Indicators and detailed emails on options trades as well, simply enter your email into our MSA List Server on our Homepage.

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